Donate food for education

‘Unlimited food for education’ is the motto of The Akshaya Patra Foundation. This Foundation is an Indian NGO implementing the mid-day meal programme since 14 years. Mid-day meal scheme is a Government of India initiative to provide free school lunch to the children of Government schools. By implementing this programme Akshaya Patra aims to provide sumptuous lunch for the school children so that it will aid in eliminating classroom hunger and also bring in more and more children to school thereby furthering the cause of education too. Hence, by providing food for education this NGO is steering its efforts towards a healthy and educated generation.

Currently, Akshaya Patra is providing food for education to 1.4 million children across the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Telangana. Covering 23 locations across these states this NGO serves 10,661 Government schools every day. While implementing the food for education programme, Akshaya Patra receives aid in the form of Government subsidies and grants, and corporate and individual donors. Realising the significance of this support, Akshaya Patra has created a platform where a supporter can choose to donate in honour oftheir near and dear ones. The donation can be done through online donation for charity mode or offline donation mode depending on the comfort and convenience of the donor.

When you choose to donate in honour of someone, you are not only offering your respect and gratitude to a person but also becoming an angel for many children who are denied of their basic rights to food and education. You become a catalyst of change by your contribution of offline or online donation for charity.Most often we get so busy with our daily chores that we become ignorant about our responsibilities for the society. Akshaya Patra thus always encourages and provides opportunity for you to participate in this programme through your skill, time, or financial resource. Akshaya Patra provides a platform for you through its many Get involved activities to join the mission of providing food for education to the millions of underserved children who step into the school with the hope of getting food first and then education.

Contributing donation in honour of is definitely a heart-warming decision. It provides a sense of compassion and ‘able to relate’ feel within us. We can also choose to support the mission of mid-day meal programme by opting for online donation for charity as a part of birthday celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, festivals and functions. Occasions are many; it just requires our presence of mind and willingness to participate in the progress and development of the society.