Home school versus formal education

The debate among many people is whether homeschooling kids is better than formal education. The former would be fruitful if home school is done the right way. Children adopt a customized curriculum provided by their parents whereas in a private school, they are forced to learn whatever is taught by the teachers. Each child is unique and the style of learning differs from one child to another. Some children are good at grasping information from textbooks and a theory based method would be useful for them but some of them prefer practical method of teaching where it’s easy for them to remember and this kind of an approach is also more interesting to them.

Parents who home school their kids should provide a more pleasing and healthy learning environment for their kids. Apart from academics, children learn to bond with their family, which is an advantage in home school. Good habits can be instilled in them. Apart from concentrating on academics, children have ample time to develop their talents. Everyone learns from each and every task that we do, whether it is routine or a onetime task. Children can go for music classes, swimming, skating etc. They can do well in their academics as well as extracurricular activities whereas there is a time constraint in private schools. Some schools demand children to be more focused on academics than extracurricular activities, as they need more grades.

More often when parents weigh the options of home school and formal education, one major issue is that kids don’t get an opportunity to socialize if parents home school them. At school, children can play together and participate in competitions. It’s easy for them to socialize but peer influence can change the attitude of your kids easily and it’s difficult for parents to know if their kids are being influenced in the right or the wrong way. Children can always interact and get along with other kids who are being homeschooled by their parents. They tend to become more co operative and disciplined. Kids who are homeschooled will get more attention and discussing about their academics and extracurricular activities becomes easy, as children feel more comfortable in such an environment.

Sending your child to a private school is expensive. Course fee, educational trips, projects, cost of resources, transportation are expensive whereas when parents home school they know what exactly their children need and based on that they can buy the required materials. When your kids join the other homeschooled ones, educational trips will be less expensive and sometimes you need pay even a penny. Some people believe that children who are being home schooled will have difficulty in getting college admissions which will lead to less number of career opportunities but that’s not true as most colleges prefer homeschooled children as they are more disciplined and self motivated to learn new things. In home school, every parent struggles to get their children in the right track in the beginning but ultimately they learn how to home school their kids.

Math Education for Students

The very essence of mathematics lies in understanding concepts and application of those concepts to real life scenarios. However, lack of stimulation can make math practice extremely difficult for some students. Most students find it extremely arduous to solve math problems. This is the reason parents encourage them to use online educational tools. Moreover, Learning Mathematics Online was never as easy as it is know.

Dedicated educational software programs have proliferated the web and promise to teach kids the fundamentals of math. Students are getting instructions, one-to-one online lessons, and tutorials through internet. Further, kids are far more inclined to learning through new and advanced internet-based educational tools to improve their academic performances. There are several options that can be considered when it comes to choosing the right platform for a student’s education.

One method to learn fundamentals of math is by reading Infographics. Infographics are visually driven graphics feature that deduce math concepts into easily understandable images. This is an innovative idea as human brain tends to comprehend things visually better than any other means. Infographics can be used to teach students lessons with ease and efficiency. Be it equations in calculus or algebraic expressions, Infographics help in visually representing the problems that will assist in the easy understanding of the subject.

Online learning tools improve a child’s learning experience and quickly impart critical problem solving skills in the most animated fashion. These resources are helpful in developing amazing skills so that students can learn even faster. These tools help students to be acquainted to new techniques and problem-solving tactics to make learning an enjoyable experience. Online resources allow students to solve different types of math problems through different techniques.

Full-fledged and Integrated educational sources help in understanding the math problem from its roots. Math Interactive Learning resources are designed to provide lessons and tutorials necessary to improve personal learning. These resources help students excel in the classroom and remain competitive, agile, fluent and insightful all at the time. Being online, these powerful resources can be easily accessed by both students and parents, which give them an extra ability to learn any time. The flexibility offered by these programs motivates children of all age groups and grades to get better grades in classrooms. These also provide flexible and convenient time schedule for attending classes. The students can access course content within the comfort zone of their homes.

Undoubtedly, Math is one subject that requires constant practice and cannot be read out of a book. Also, rapid advances made in Learning Mathematics Online techniques and tools have changed the face of education like never before. In the whole process, the parent can also hope to save time, efforts, and money.

Senior Secondary Education Exams

All Latest Updated Sarkari Result, New Recruitment Notification Details, Exam Dates. Sarkari Result is also giving information for Central and State level Competetive Exam Notifications, Admitcards and Sarkari Results.

Central Board of Secondary Education is going to organize Class 12th Board Examination. The Examination will commence from 15th January to 22nd january. The expected date of result declaration for the CBSE Class 12th Examination 2016 falls in the last week of May.

Central Board of Secondary Education conducts Various Examinations including final examinations for class 12th and 10th. CBSE also conducts All India Pre-Medical Test which is entrance examination for various medical colleges. Besides the examinations mentioned above, CBSE also conducts Central Teacher Eligibility Test, Class 10th Optional Proficiency Test and many other examinations. Considering all such facts, CBSE has been crowned as the largest exam conducting body in the entire world.

CBSE Exam Sarkari Results 2016 Details:

Name of Organization: Central Board of Secondary Education

Name of Examination: All India Senior Secondary Examination 2016

Date of Exam: 14th January 2016

Results Announced Date: 11th February 2016

Category: Results

Status: Available Now

Central Board of Secondary Examination has always been focused to provide efficient and quality education system. The Examination which are to be conducted in 2016 have certain expected number of students to appear in the Examination. As per previous years statistics and the registration numbers as read, a number of 1029874 are going to appear in Class 12th Examination 2016.

Steps to DownloadCBSE Exam Sarkari Results 2016:

 * Open Official Website.

* Click on CBSE 12th Result 2016.

* Fill the required credentials.

* You will get the results.


education marketing tips for universities

In times of falling university applications and race for top ranked institutes- Marketing has a vital role to play. Likewise, students are unaware of better alternatives that can help them achieve their career goals in much better way. Hence, Universities should concentrate more on building a Brand Identity.

5 simple tips for institutes to differentiate themselves from their competitors:

Multiple Channel Marketing:

Interact with students on multiple channels like websites, blogs, emails, mobiles etc. University Ratings, Program Quality and Corporate Placements being top priority must be spoken through proper channels to build a reputation.

Statistics for Multiple Channel Marketing:

  • India is 2nd largest in terms of mobile internet users. Out of which nearly 60% are in the age group of 18-24 years. (Source: We are social)
  • 118 Million active social media accounts in India. (Source: We are social)

Identify the right channels for student acquisition along with engagement plan to clear the doubts and enrol the student.

Be Clear about Yourself:

Highlighting college without seeming like an advertising manual is the key. Present realities instead of false image creation that can hurt in the long run. In simple and clear words explain institutes unique and strong points that can contribute to the brand building process.

Social Connect:

Discover platforms where students hang out most. Facebook, Twitter & YouTube are amongst the popular ones.

University’s success on social media depends on sharing, learning and listening. Actively engage with social media users- Whether that’s tweeting to a student who’s excited about her acceptance or responding to queries posted on Facebook.

Creative Visual Storytelling:

Visual Storytelling is the essence of the best ways of communications on the web. Narrative videos, graphics builds trust, credibility and educates viewers. Hence, with visuals universities can grab the attention of students.

Study also reveals-

  • India is the 5th largest country in terms of video users.
  • 65% of the target audience are visual learners.
  • Visuals have 60,000 times faster processing time than text.
  • Visuals in the form of videos increase the website conversion rate by 86% .

Focus on Screens:

Universities are still failing to design digital communication across an array of screens (like Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, etc.) used by a target audience.

Not only aspiring students’, and their parents but we all keep on screen-hopping. Thus, focus more on responsive websites, email communications, more big images & full-screen videos. Universities can also create campus tour mobile app to lure more students.

Market trends show that lots of educational institutes are hiring specialised educational marketing companies (like Infinite1 – India’s first student acquisition company). This gives educational relief from marketing headaches and concentrates on academics.

quality education service

International education is a window to the globe. It permits the student to experience the world more closely. Every parent wants to admit their child to a school where they can get an opportunity to showcase their talents. International education permits students to develop as a global citizen as they study International curriculum. An international school is the best alternative for fulfilling a child’s dream of getting best schooling right from the start.

International Schools are far ahead when it comes to educating a child as they provide a stage for the overall development of the child.The International Schools focus not only on the course study but also the artistic talent of the students. The students learn to grow in fine surroundings and develop an understanding of the topics that matter the most.

Based on the studies, the students who study in International schools are more confident, social, decision maker and a quick learner. The environment of such schools is very comfortable and open. Students can ask their questions at any point during the class studies. This ensures that the curiosity of the child to learn remains fulfilled.

There is a number of International Schools in Qatar, who focuses equally on the Academic, Art and Athletic development of students.  These International Schools guide the students at each step ensuring they build a bright future. Such schools offer social and moral education as well. These schools are helpful to the parents who have to migrate from one nation to the other due to their jobs as the syllabus is international. The syllabus is designed in a way that it covers all aspect of international education.

Only a better school can give a better future to the students so when you talk about the International schools in Qatar, then American School of Doha is among the one that can open the doors of better opportunities to your kids. The school has classroom ambiance, well-equipped labs, big libraries, high-class infrastructure and advanced teaching methodologies.

American School of Doha offers your child the best of the education and makes them ready to shine in future. ASD gives full attention to each student and helps them overcome their difficulties. They are creating the future pioneers by giving them all the technical and artistic knowledge. So give your child a complete education to excel in every stage of life by enrolling them at American School of Doha-the best of International schools.

Importance of service Education

Education is a vital need for man to live in the society. The importance of education has proven to be a prerequisite for the harmonious functioning of any society.

A teacher in high school used to say that thinking is education. Thinking, she said, opened the doors to our mind and made us receptive to the very idea of broadening our horizons and learning new things. She used to say, ‘Question everything and anything, and you shall learn in the process’.

But why is it important to learn new things? Why is it essential to broaden our horizons? What is the importance of education? The answer to these questions lies within all of us. We consider education a coveted commodity. A learned person is always put up on a pedestal. If one notices the scholars of the world (people who have achieved great knowledge), we see that they make their presence felt in the way they speak and the opinions they hold. It is a natural reaction to bestow feelings of awe and respect upon them. It is therefore very easy to deduce that education leads to success. But that is not all. The importance of education in today’s society runs deeper than merely success in the worldly terms.
Grants Us Freedom

It was Epictetus who said that only the educated are free. Education releases us from the confines of our mind and forces us to think and question. It makes us aware of our rights in the society. It thus grants us the power to never be enslaved, either by thought or action.
Opens Our Minds

Education makes us broadminded. In fact, there is no better time than the present to understand this concept. Globalization has transformed the world into one big village, the borders don’t count and neither are there any restrictions as far gaining knowledge is concerned. It is possible for us to know about the different cultures or events taking place at the other end of the world. All this has been made possible due to education. Education has broadened our minds, so that we are not confined to our countries and comfort zones anymore. We aren’t trapped in our small worlds, instead we have come out of our shells and begun to explore and learn new things about the world. Learning about new things and different cultures not only adds to our literacy bank but also instills in us humane qualities. For example if we see that a society in some other part of the world has accepted HIV patients and begun to work for them, then we might also begin to do the same. Maybe we had resorted to shunning them earlier, but education can change our thought processes for the better. It therefore helps in making us more tolerant and accepting.
Forms the Basis of Society

Education forms the basis of any society. It is responsible for the economic, social, and political growth and development of society in general. Education imparts knowledge, whereby making discoveries and implementing them for the betterment of the society becomes possible. The thread of the growth of society depends upon the quality of education that is being imparted. The better the quality, the better people can learn and utilize that education to make reforms that lead to research and development.
Provides a Strong Base for Children

The importance of education as a concept needs to be instilled in children from an early age. They need to be told that education does not simply mean bookish knowledge or learning things by rote, but holds a much deeper meaning. It means opening your minds to learn new things and pursue different options. Opting for higher education provides one with a clearer vision of things, makes one’s goals clearer and makes one more receptive to change. It makes a person rational, instilling in him an ability to think and question. And these are the basis on which reforms are made.
Beyond Books, Classrooms and Degrees

Education cannot remain confined to books and classrooms alone. Other than these sources, it has to be sought from anything and everything that one does. In this respect, physical education also plays a major role in one’s education because it makes our body healthy and therefore strengthens our mind for seeking more knowledge. Education also provides opportunities to interact with people from different walks of life. It leads to better understanding and an exposure of how the world lives and thinks. It is our duty to inculcate the importance of education in children. They should be made aware that the list of degrees that tail an individual’s name do not mean that one is educated. It holds a much wider perspective. Education means to go beyond the degrees and continue to achieve things by acquiring knowledge. In the real sense, education means to evolve from being an individual to a human being, capable of not merely ‘surviving’ but living life.

Tips Benefits of Hiring Education Consultants

Foreign education comes with a bunch of advantages. It offers to experience the new culture, global exposure and all round development. It influences the future of youth much.  Young minds who have done their higher education abroad are able to make their future bright because multinational companies prefer to hire youth who have pursued higher education from top universities of the world. Young minds can secure their future by getting higher education abroad. Abroad education consultants have appeared helpful among Indian youth who have a dream to study abroad. These consultants are offering wide varieties of abroad education services. Youth can manage to get the whole services or can get one or two. It is their dedication and effort that many Indians have migrated to Australia, USA and Britain for further education.  Students who are serious about their foreign study can think of getting their services.

Education counselling is provided by a global education consultant. Studying abroad is a big decision. Youth who have decided to study abroad but have doubts regarding the education program they should choose can consult these education consultants. Education counselling includes understanding the confusion, analysing the student’s ability and education background. The counsellor suggests to choose the program that suits to one’s ability and able to provide the right career path in which the youth is interested. Any student who has finalized to study abroad but in dilemma over the educational program can contact a reputed education consultant to get over this dilemma.

Apart from education counselling, help regarding admission to a reputed foreign college is provided by global education agencies. Filling the admission application form and various types of admission formalities require help from an expert. An education consultancy helps you immensely in this situation to make your admission process easy. These agencies have their branches in several parts of the world to help students at their best. Moreover, they have good contact with leading foreign colleges. Therefore, the admission process turns smooth.

Applying for a student visa is really tough. In India, the student visa rejection rate is higher. Abroad Education Consultants In India play a pivotal role when it comes to apply for a student visa. These consultants help Indian students to fill the visa application form, collecting the all documents required by the visa office and keeping track of the visa application form. Some global education agencies help youth in getting air tickets and temporary accommodation abroad.

Private Education service

One of the best ways of reducing your student loan burden is through consolidation. Students with multiple education loans can use this method effectively, to reduce their overall financial load. There are many financial institutions who offer assistance in this consolidation process. In this article, you will find some tips on how to go about the consolidation process.

Education is a very costly affair today. Especially, if you are opting for professional courses in engineering and management, the cost of education makes it inevitable that you borrow a student loan. Sometimes, the fees for courses cannot be covered in a single educational loan and multiple loans have to be opted for. The repayment period for educational loans are generally quite long.

However, invariably, managing multiple loans is tougher than a single education loan. This is obviously because the interest rates vary and the payment terms of each loan are different. Paying multiple monthly installments puts a lot of pressure on your finances. It also makes your budget planning complicated, as each individual loan has a different repayment plan and therefore their monthly installment due dates are different. Moreover, most private educational loans have a fluctuating interest rate! Therefore over the period of repayment, you may end up paying substantially more interest and even more if you are repaying multiple loans.

Some people may suggest clearing your debt using a credit card with a high credit limit. This would be a bad idea! Do not fall for the credit card trap. The interest rates offered by credit cards are very high compared to a bank loan interest. Plus, having such a high borrowed amount is not good for your credit history. In short, student loan consolidation using credit cards is a recipe for disaster.

The better way out of this is private educational loan consolidation with banks and other financial institutions. Let us see, how private educational loan consolidation can solve your problems effectively.

Private Education Loan Consolidation Facts
Private educational loan consolidation is largely dependent on your credit history. A good credit history increases your chances of getting a consolidated loan.
Let it be known, that you cannot consolidate federal education loans with private educational loans.
To be eligible for private educational loan consolidation, most financial institutions require that you must have student loans amounting to at least $7,000.
To participate in the private educational loan consolidation program, the student must have finished the educational program for which he borrowed or ceased studying.
Tips on Consolidation of Educational Loans
Here are some tips regarding how to effectively manage educational loan consolidation.

Research you Credit History
Research your personal credit history and look up your credit rating from the national information database. You can obtain it from sites, which offer a credit rating report online. If your credit points are substantially higher than what they were when you borrowed the loan, your chances of getting private education loan consolidated, are higher!

Negotiate with Current Lender
If you have borrowed multiple loans from a single lender, ask them to consolidate your loans into a single loan. The lender may agree to this proposition, if your credit rating has improved over time.

Negotiate with New Lender
Another option is to go to a new lender and submit your credit history report. If the lender is satisfied with your improved credit rating, he may offer to consolidate your loans. The new interest you will have for the single consolidated loan will depend upon the interest rates of your old individual loans. The repayment period will also be reset according to the consolidated loan amount. The advantage of private educational loan consolidation is that you may get a longer repayment period for this single loan.

Hope this article has given you an idea about what private educational loan consolidation is and how it works. To avoid later complications, always research and thoroughly examine your options before going for a loan. Initial thought may save you from all the complexities of later loan consolidation!

Distance Education Tips

With the advent of information technology, more and more people are getting the full benefits from distance learning. In fact, people who were not able to finish their college courses due to some unavoidable circumstances can now get their college degree without having to resign or give up their current job. Distance learning is a new way of acquiring college and even doctorate degrees without having to attend formal schooling. People can get through the subjects needed to get the degree that they want just by getting brochures and learning materials through mail or through electronic methods. Fully completing a distance learning program, however, is not that easy and requires the same dogged determination and persistence, as with any schooling program. Therefore, for people who would like to earn their degree through distance learning easily and without too much hassle, here are some tips to guide you through:

1. Decide And Assess Yourself

– Distance learning is not for everyone who wishes to avail of its services
– In many cases, it can provide flexibility and ease of obtaining the much-needed degree
– But for some, it could mean boring methods and procedures and wearisome learning
– Ideal for those who can study independently in a self-directed manner
– Good for those who do not like interacting with a professor

2. Check Your Mailbox Daily, Electronic Or Otherwise

Distance learning is a continuous learning process. This means that the learning materials that you will need and your assignments or projects will be sent through mails, electronically or through snail mail. So it is best if you always check your mailbox every single day or even multiple times per day. There may be instances where missing a single day of checking your mailbox could mean tons of missed projects or work.

3. Flexibility Should Never Be Equaled With Laxness

Getting flexible schedule does not mean that you have to be lax on your studies. Being flexible on your class schedule would mean that it is up to you how or when you will study. Therefore, in order to succeed and finish your degree as soon as possible, it is best that you organize your schedule, those that concern your work, your family (if any), and your class schedule. It is just a matter of time management. Keep in mind that it is best if you will always set a regular time for your study. In this way, you will never have to worry about getting all things mixed up.

4. Find A Quiet Place To Study

Because you will be entirely on your own when getting a degree through distance learning, it is best that you find a quiet place to do your homework or review your lessons. In this way, you will be able to ponder on things that needed more attention without having to worry about any distractions.

5. Reading Is Comprehension, Not Memorizing

When you read, it would be better to understand the text and subject matter thoroughly instead of memorizing them. In distance learning, memorization is a useless technique. What matters most in distance learning is that you understand the subject matter thoroughly and that you can easily grasp the meaning of the text given to you.

6. Improve Your Communication Skills

There are people who are having more difficulty in talking to other people through the microphone or the conference call than speaking in public. They contend that not seeing the other person is more difficult to deal with than talking to them face to face. These people insist that they could not see whether the other person is satisfied with the answers or not. In distance learning, corrections can be made for people who are having difficulty regarding this matter. Just keep in mind to pay attention to the instructions given and to listen attentively. Try to incorporate some, if not all, of these tips and you will surely finish your degree in a breeze. Just remember that distance learning is not an easy alternative of studying or getting a degree. It is just an option for those who do not have time to go to formal school.

Online Education Tips

As the computer age rolls on we are encountering more and more universities that are willing to invest in the education of pupils who may not necessarily be in a place to attend classes at that particular institution of higher education. The offerings are still somewhat restricted but there are chances to get associates, bachelors, and also master’s degrees strictly through online course work. This is something that was practically extraordinary even a few years ago.

These days pupils truly do have more choices presented to them than ever before if they are disposed to put in the time and strength into their studies, there are few restrictions to the level of education you can receive, even if it has been years since you last went to a university or community college. Even those colleges and universities that do not present full fledged diploma programs wholly through online learning methods are beginning to offer majority of programs on the web for students with tiring schedules and lifestyles. This means that you now have the occasion to blend distance or online learning with a few night or weekend programs in order to end your degree even if you have a full time day employment and folks that needs to discuss with you at home on occasion.

With online classes it does not matter if you are in your pajamas or in a suit and tie you can still do the work you suppose to do on the internet and no one will be the wiser. You also might find that you can slot in your education into your lunch hour, especially if you can type and chew at the same time. The truth is that online classes offer better flexibility to those hoping to further their education. Whether you’re eager to get hold of a diploma or simply desire to broaden your horizons by taking one or two online classes, you just might find that the potential are limitless once you commence taking these courses from your residence.

Even if a diploma is not something you are essentially seeking you might be amazed at the large array of programs that are presented for those enticed by enlarging their depth of awareness on different matters from the convenience of their own homes.