Education Tips For Bluetooth Marketing

tionimages-1The popularity of Bluetooth Marketing continues to grow, but many people are still unfamiliar with the concept. Bluetooth Marketing sends coupons, flyers, or other content to cell phones using a wireless Bluetooth connection to a consumer’s cell phone, smart phone, or other Bluetooth enabled device. Consumers must be within the Bluetooth range of the server in order to be contacted by the server. Consumers receive a customized contact message and must opt-in to receiving the advertisement before it is sent. After the consumer has consented, the advertisement – which may be a JPG or GIF image, and MP3 audio file, 3GP video, or other content – is transferred to the consumer’s cell phone via Bluetooth. No identifiable information, including phone numbers, is collected during the flyer transmission.

This process is cost effective as there are no per message fees for the consumer or the owner of the Bluetooth Marketing server. It is also environmentally friendly as it reduces the number of paper flyers that are created and distributed.

Since Bluetooth Marketing is still fairly new, consumers need to be educated about how to receive Bluetooth flyers

Arm Yourself With Stock Trading Education

imagesStock Trading is a premier battleground in mankind’s quest for riches. Practitioners of this trade are often compared to warriors; living and breathing their craft. So if you have plans of becoming a stock trader and are thinking it’s just like art class that all you have to do is sign up, then think hard and then think some more. In this world, the weak have no place and even the strong can get devoured in a matter of moments. You have to be ready and arm yourself with these trading education tips.

1. Just like in a real battlefield, you have to be familiar with what you’re doing right from the start. Find a reputable stock broker online and open an account with them. You don’t have to trade just yet, but it will give you the opportunity to have a feel of what the real thing is all about. Plus, being an account holder, you can ask the pros for help in finding your way in the business. Think of it as a trial version. At the very least, should you find out it’s too

Tips For Women Returning to School

downloadBefore you even get started you need to focus on not only going back to school, but also completing school. Make up your mind that in spite of anything you face you are going to be dedicated to obtain your certificate or degree! Your mind can definitely be a battleground when you are returning to school, it will tell you all of the reasons that this choice won’t work, and this leads to self-sabotage. It can work and you can do it! To many times we focus on the reasons that returning to school can’t be done, instead of the reasons that it can be done. So decide right now to develop a mind-set to succeed as you embark upon your dream of pursuing your education.

Tip 2: Don’t look at the big picture, but take it day by day.

Instead of looking months or years down the road, take it day by day. Take smaller steps toward the dream, and that will lead to the big dream! Focus on one class at a time, one day at a time,

Problems and Prospects of Career Education


This paper examines the problems and prospects of career education inbuilt into the Nigeria 6-3-3-4 system of education.The 6-3-3-4 system of educationwas regarded as a great innovation because it help develop studentspotential to the fullest, deemphasized mere academic education, popularized vocational education and uses career education\guidance to help students embrace careers which agrees with their ability and interest. Guidance to more rewarding careers begins from primary and terminates at the tertiary levels.The policy provisions for career education were variously described as a mere wishful thinking without the needed supports for its survival. Even with the slight adjustment on the curriculumof the secondary school level which came into operation as from year 2012, career exploration and orientation expected at this level is said to be a mirage. To redress the situation this paper offered useful suggestionsneeded to help achieve career education/guidance objectives at the four levels of Nigeria education.


Career education asa concept according to Ochiagha (1995) embraces the basic goal of education which seeks to point out the relationship between education and work. In career education, the effort is to help individuals acquire and utilize knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to make work

Donate food for education

‘Unlimited food for education’ is the motto of The Akshaya Patra Foundation. This Foundation is an Indian NGO implementing the mid-day meal programme since 14 years. Mid-day meal scheme is a Government of India initiative to provide free school lunch to the children of Government schools. By implementing this programme Akshaya Patra aims to provide sumptuous lunch for the school children so that it will aid in eliminating classroom hunger and also bring in more and more children to school thereby furthering the cause of education too. Hence, by providing food for education this NGO is steering its efforts towards a healthy and educated generation.

Currently, Akshaya Patra is providing food for education to 1.4 million children across the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Telangana. Covering 23 locations across these states this NGO serves 10,661 Government schools every day. While implementing the food for education programme, Akshaya Patra receives aid in the form of Government subsidies and grants, and corporate and individual donors. Realising the significance of this support, Akshaya Patra has created a platform where a supporter can choose to donate in honour oftheir near and

Elementary Education

Elementary education becomes even more important as the years go by, because everyone realizes how it sets the foundation of much more learning to follow. This puts even more pressure on elementary school teachers in their quest to succeed with each child in their class. Here we shall take a look at how elementary education has changed for both students and teachers of this age group.

Elementary education is something we have all gone through, and it is something that may have shaped our lives forever. Through the elementary school program we all began to learn more about ourselves and the world, as our horizons were extended beyond the home to take in the school environment, and from there, the world grew even more as we discovered and were taught about other cities, and other countries.

So how does elementary education shape a child’s life? When a child attends elementary school, the world of the child changes. Having depended on their parents from birth, suddenly they have someone else in their lives, their class teacher. This teacher holds the future of that child in their hands to

Early Childhood Education

Preschool education is the basic step for each and every parent and proper care is also important for the betterment of children. It is commonly regarded as early childhood education. Children are prepared for learning since birth. Experts agree that the ideal preschool must follow the learning style of the child and individual skills which is the best possible way for proper development of children. Most parents start asking friends and neighbors in the old fashioned way. This is always difficult to consider or tell that which preschool is right for your child. A good reputable and trustworthy preschool is essential for the proper care and development of a child.

Find out if the preschool center, visitors can see at any moment, your standards for curriculum, faculty and staff friendly and, above all, trust your intuition. A teacher must have a bachelor degree in education from early childhood if it is going to understand how children learn and grow, but many schools do not have this requirement.

A preschool education with a well preserved environment and well educated teachers who have ideas skills and conceptions to implement good lessons and make

Professional Development for Education

Teachers are faced with many challenges in the classroom. Starting with the pressure to develop challenging exams and grade papers on time to the time deadlines of creating their lesson plans, the job seems to be never ending. However, teachers are also faced with accomplishing their main job role of a superior communicator to the students in the classroom. Unless they communicate in an exceptional manner, their students will never be able to learn correctly. Teachers working in multicultural education face an additional dilemma as they must now enhance their communication skills because of both cultural and language barriers in the classroom.

Before entering the multicultural education environment, there are a few things that teachers must do to prepare. Educators must first familiarize themselves with the cultural differences of all students who attend the school in which they teach. The best way for the teacher to bond with the students is to share a common interest or have a way in which to initiate conversation. Therefore, the teacher should be aware of the cultural uniqueness of each and every student. Showing a liking to individual students is a

Factors to designing a curriculum in Education

It is impossible for an educational program to exist and progress smoothly without the existence of curriculum. A good Curriculum is a foundation for any developmental projects in the education system as it determines what should be learnt in addressing the needs and aspirations of the learners as well as the society. It is the total program of instruction offered by the school which includes the content and learning experiences or daily classroom practices centered on meeting the educational aims, goals and objectives. These learning experiences can take place within and outside the school environment as learners interact. Like many other concepts, curriculum has many definitions from different scholars and policy makers. However, it is not the focus of this paper to explore the definitions of curriculum. This paper is focusing on internal and external factors one would look at when designing a curriculum.

In order for you to develop insight into the methods you can use to deliver teaching content, it is important to understand how a school-based curriculum is designed. This is the focus of this paper.

For the purpose of this paper, school shall be defined as a social institution designed to give

Importance of Education in Modern World

Education is important because it prepares us with all that is needed to make our dreams come true. It opens doors to brilliant career opportunities. It fetches better prospects in career and growth. Every employer today, be it in the IT sector or any other government offices, wants their prospective employees to be well qualified for the roles they are going to play. They require resources well equipped with modern technology so as to suit his wants. So, education becomes a basic criterion for employment in any sector of the industry. We are weighed in the market on the basis of our fundamental skills and how well we can apply them through proper communication. Education is very important for an individual’s success in life.

Not only career wise but education makes one live a respected life in the society. It gives us knowledge of the world around us as mentioned earlier, its the passport to the world. It develops in us a new perspective of looking at life. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life. It makes us capable of interpreting things rightly. Education is not just about reading books

Home school versus formal education

The debate among many people is whether homeschooling kids is better than formal education. The former would be fruitful if home school is done the right way. Children adopt a customized curriculum provided by their parents whereas in a private school, they are forced to learn whatever is taught by the teachers. Each child is unique and the style of learning differs from one child to another. Some children are good at grasping information from textbooks and a theory based method would be useful for them but some of them prefer practical method of teaching where it’s easy for them to remember and this kind of an approach is also more interesting to them.

Parents who home school their kids should provide a more pleasing and healthy learning environment for their kids. Apart from academics, children learn to bond with their family, which is an advantage in home school. Good habits can be instilled in them. Apart from concentrating on academics, children have ample time to develop their talents. Everyone learns from each and every task that we do, whether it is routine or a onetime task. Children can go for music classes, swimming, skating etc. They can do

Math Education for Students

The very essence of mathematics lies in understanding concepts and application of those concepts to real life scenarios. However, lack of stimulation can make math practice extremely difficult for some students. Most students find it extremely arduous to solve math problems. This is the reason parents encourage them to use online educational tools. Moreover, Learning Mathematics Online was never as easy as it is know.

Dedicated educational software programs have proliferated the web and promise to teach kids the fundamentals of math. Students are getting instructions, one-to-one online lessons, and tutorials through internet. Further, kids are far more inclined to learning through new and advanced internet-based educational tools to improve their academic performances. There are several options that can be considered when it comes to choosing the right platform for a student’s education.

One method to learn fundamentals of math is by reading Infographics. Infographics are visually driven graphics feature that deduce math concepts into easily understandable images. This is an innovative idea as human brain tends to comprehend things visually better than any other means. Infographics can be used to teach students lessons with ease and

Senior Secondary Education Exams

All Latest Updated Sarkari Result, New Recruitment Notification Details, Exam Dates. Sarkari Result is also giving information for Central and State level Competetive Exam Notifications, Admitcards and Sarkari Results.

Central Board of Secondary Education is going to organize Class 12th Board Examination. The Examination will commence from 15th January to 22nd january. The expected date of result declaration for the CBSE Class 12th Examination 2016 falls in the last week of May.

Central Board of Secondary Education conducts Various Examinations including final examinations for class 12th and 10th. CBSE also conducts All India Pre-Medical Test which is entrance examination for various medical colleges. Besides the examinations mentioned above, CBSE also conducts Central Teacher Eligibility Test, Class 10th Optional Proficiency Test and many other examinations. Considering all such facts, CBSE has been crowned as the largest exam conducting body in the entire world.

CBSE Exam Sarkari Results 2016 Details:

Name of Organization: Central Board of Secondary Education

Name of Examination: All India Senior Secondary Examination 2016

Date of Exam: 14th January 2016

Results Announced Date: 11th February 2016

Category: Results

Status: Available Now

Central Board of Secondary Examination has

education marketing tips for universities

In times of falling university applications and race for top ranked institutes- Marketing has a vital role to play. Likewise, students are unaware of better alternatives that can help them achieve their career goals in much better way. Hence, Universities should concentrate more on building a Brand Identity.

5 simple tips for institutes to differentiate themselves from their competitors:

Multiple Channel Marketing:

Interact with students on multiple channels like websites, blogs, emails, mobiles etc. University Ratings, Program Quality and Corporate Placements being top priority must be spoken through proper channels to build a reputation.

Statistics for Multiple Channel Marketing:

  • India is 2nd largest in terms of mobile internet users. Out of which nearly 60% are in the age group of 18-24 years. (Source: We are social)
  • 118 Million active social media accounts in India. (Source: We are social)

Identify the right channels for student acquisition along with engagement plan to clear the doubts and enrol the student.

Be Clear about Yourself:

Highlighting college without seeming like an advertising manual is the key. Present realities instead of false image creation that can

quality education service

International education is a window to the globe. It permits the student to experience the world more closely. Every parent wants to admit their child to a school where they can get an opportunity to showcase their talents. International education permits students to develop as a global citizen as they study International curriculum. An international school is the best alternative for fulfilling a child’s dream of getting best schooling right from the start.

International Schools are far ahead when it comes to educating a child as they provide a stage for the overall development of the child.The International Schools focus not only on the course study but also the artistic talent of the students. The students learn to grow in fine surroundings and develop an understanding of the topics that matter the most.

Based on the studies, the students who study in International schools are more confident, social, decision maker and a quick learner. The environment of such schools is very comfortable and open. Students can ask their questions at any point during the class studies. This ensures that the curiosity of the child to learn remains

Importance of service Education

Education is a vital need for man to live in the society. The importance of education has proven to be a prerequisite for the harmonious functioning of any society.

A teacher in high school used to say that thinking is education. Thinking, she said, opened the doors to our mind and made us receptive to the very idea of broadening our horizons and learning new things. She used to say, ‘Question everything and anything, and you shall learn in the process’.

But why is it important to learn new things? Why is it essential to broaden our horizons? What is the importance of education? The answer to these questions lies within all of us. We consider education a coveted commodity. A learned person is always put up on a pedestal. If one notices the scholars of the world (people who have achieved great knowledge), we see that they make their presence felt in the way they speak and the opinions they hold. It is a natural reaction to bestow feelings of awe and respect upon them. It is therefore very easy to deduce that education leads to success. But that is not all. The importance of education in today’s society

Tips Benefits of Hiring Education Consultants

Foreign education comes with a bunch of advantages. It offers to experience the new culture, global exposure and all round development. It influences the future of youth much.  Young minds who have done their higher education abroad are able to make their future bright because multinational companies prefer to hire youth who have pursued higher education from top universities of the world. Young minds can secure their future by getting higher education abroad. Abroad education consultants have appeared helpful among Indian youth who have a dream to study abroad. These consultants are offering wide varieties of abroad education services. Youth can manage to get the whole services or can get one or two. It is their dedication and effort that many Indians have migrated to Australia, USA and Britain for further education.  Students who are serious about their foreign study can think of getting their services.

Education counselling is provided by a global education consultant. Studying abroad is a big decision. Youth who have decided to study abroad but have doubts regarding the education program they should choose can consult these education consultants. Education counselling includes understanding the

Private Education service

One of the best ways of reducing your student loan burden is through consolidation. Students with multiple education loans can use this method effectively, to reduce their overall financial load. There are many financial institutions who offer assistance in this consolidation process. In this article, you will find some tips on how to go about the consolidation process.

Education is a very costly affair today. Especially, if you are opting for professional courses in engineering and management, the cost of education makes it inevitable that you borrow a student loan. Sometimes, the fees for courses cannot be covered in a single educational loan and multiple loans have to be opted for. The repayment period for educational loans are generally quite long.

However, invariably, managing multiple loans is tougher than a single education loan. This is obviously because the interest rates vary and the payment terms of each loan are different. Paying multiple monthly installments puts a lot of pressure on your finances. It also makes your budget planning complicated, as each individual loan has a different repayment plan and therefore their monthly installment due dates are different. Moreover, most private educational loans have a fluctuating interest rate! Therefore over the

Distance Education Tips

With the advent of information technology, more and more people are getting the full benefits from distance learning. In fact, people who were not able to finish their college courses due to some unavoidable circumstances can now get their college degree without having to resign or give up their current job. Distance learning is a new way of acquiring college and even doctorate degrees without having to attend formal schooling. People can get through the subjects needed to get the degree that they want just by getting brochures and learning materials through mail or through electronic methods. Fully completing a distance learning program, however, is not that easy and requires the same dogged determination and persistence, as with any schooling program. Therefore, for people who would like to earn their degree through distance learning easily and without too much hassle, here are some tips to guide you through:

1. Decide And Assess Yourself

– Distance learning is not for everyone who wishes to avail of its services
– In many cases, it can provide flexibility and ease of obtaining the much-needed degree
– But for some, it could mean boring methods and procedures and wearisome

Online Education Tips

As the computer age rolls on we are encountering more and more universities that are willing to invest in the education of pupils who may not necessarily be in a place to attend classes at that particular institution of higher education. The offerings are still somewhat restricted but there are chances to get associates, bachelors, and also master’s degrees strictly through online course work. This is something that was practically extraordinary even a few years ago.

These days pupils truly do have more choices presented to them than ever before if they are disposed to put in the time and strength into their studies, there are few restrictions to the level of education you can receive, even if it has been years since you last went to a university or community college. Even those colleges and universities that do not present full fledged diploma programs wholly through online learning methods are beginning to offer majority of programs on the web for students with tiring schedules and lifestyles. This means that you now have the occasion to blend distance or online learning with a few night or weekend programs in order to end your degree even if